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About Us

Since our beginnings, we have been characterized by having an innovative spirit, ABC ELECTRONICS Repair is a company dedicated to the technical service, repairs and sale of accessories of the main manufacturers of smartphones and tablets, repair and Maintenance of electronic equipment, such as, Smartphone, projectors, video cameras, digital cameras, laptops, PC, video game consoles, etc.

As a company, our desire is to serve you with excellence, punctuality and quality; For this we have specialized professional staff, trained and updated according to the technological requirements of the current market.

Our goal is to solve the needs of the users of first and last-technology electronic devices. Therefore, we have proven experience in providing technical solutions to end users.


To be a company that contributes to the development of the society through technological and social solutions providing quality services for the benefit of society; Through the development applied to the needs of the client or companies, offering systematic solutions with the purpose of maintaining and repairing their electronic equipment.


To be a nationally recognized company, with experience in maintenance and repair of devices, as well as sales of computer equipment, and technical support, where we provide quality products and continuous improvement in all areas for the pleasure of our customers.

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Meet the Team

Lisandra Perez

Lisandra PerezFounder

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Mark DennettManager

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Mark Dennett